Fresh and functional beauty in your home? Say yes to your own mini garden with OGarden Smart! This is a indoor gardening system that grows up to 90 fruits and veggies. Without worrying about the weather and chemicals, it’s a quick and easy way to live healthy and close to nature every day.

OGarden Smart works as an automatic greenhouse, so you can enjoy fresh food on your table. Automatic watering makes using OGarden Smart effortless, and the automatic low energy consumption LEDs simulate the perfect amount of sunlight, offering optimal year round growth. It is so simple and beautiful, you will be mesmerized and your guests won’t stay away from your OGarden. And children love it too.

Most indoor gardening systems lack the size and ability to grow a substantial amount of produce. Or they are difficult to set up, and leave even the most experienced gardener frustrated. By being able to grow a great amount of veggies and fruits easily from your living room, OGarden Smart is a way to eat produce sustainably that’s never been done before.  Effortless, easy and pleasant, the OGarden Smart easily upgrades your home and your grocery basket. Our unique system allows you to have 3 rotations of produce simultaneously. Germinate a batch of seeds, grow another batch to size, and have a third batch ready to harvest all at the same time!

OGarden Smart will automatically adjust watering for you to optimize growth. Just check your tank once a week and watch your garden grow. If you do forget to check the water for a quick five minutes per week, don’t worry. OGarden Smart has a water warning system that will alert you when the water level becomes too low over time. The rotating wheel keeps the roots and soil constantly moist with just the right amount of water, while keeping the the plants growing in an even manner.

OGarden Smart’s LEDs simulate the perfect amount of sunlight that your produce needs to thrive, and will automatically turn on and off for convenience and energy conservation.  Best of all, they only take 120 watts of power! In comparison, that’s about 2 incandescent light bulbs. The OGarden Smart is so much more than a production machine – it’s a garden, bringing joy and beauty into your home.

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