Hot tea, coffee or soup while enjoying nature is a necessity while camping, hiking, exploring mountains or just chilling across the campfire. This ultralight aluminum teapot Pika from MSR (Moutain Safety Research) is a useful gear with a smart design for precise pouring. It replaces any heavy metal pot and makes you wanna stay longer and put it to use.

The Pika comes perfectly when you need to fill any small-mouth vessel, its special lid stays on when pouring but comes off easily otherwise. The handle of the teapot stays upright, away from the hot thing, and that makes it easy to handle it around. The Pika’s wide opening facilitates cleaning and lets you store a small stove and ingredients for your morning caffeine ritual.

Weighing only 147 grams (5.2 oz), it is easy to pack and carry while traveling and demands only the fire to be put on. We recommend to also take with you MSR’s Pocket Rocket Deluxe stove and your favorite coffee or tea ingredients.C