Keep your precious things close with the Smart Locator from Verizon! Secure it to your backpack, bike, handbag or other valuable possessions (even pets!) and stay in the know with long-range location tracking for both indoor and outdoor use.

This small locator uses a combination of Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi-based positioning (WPS) and LTE coverage for pinpoint accuracy wherever your mobile network is present. Unlike many other popular smart trackers, it performs reliably regardless of how close it is to your smartphone.

Set up
Download the Verizon Smart Locator Hub app, sync up with your connected device to get started, and that’s it! Get access to your Smart Locator for up to 5 days before having to charge it back up. Then adjust pinging intervals or turn on Sleep Mode to extend the battery’s lifetime even further. With its waterproof and dust-resistant design, the Verizon Smart Locator was built with the real world in mind.

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