The Electrified X2 from Dutch company VanMoof is a miniature e-bike with broad visual appeal and a frame that can accommodate riders of all sizes. You probably know e-boards, e-scooters or e-Vespas, but there comes the best version of an electric bicycle, offering a good balance of price, convenience, safety, comfort, and the possibility of all of your family to use X2.

In Europe, mostly in The Netherlands and Denmark, electric pedal-assisted bikes have for years been the domain of the aged. Big, ugly e-bikes have allowed our parents and grandparents to remain active for longer while also helping them maintain their independence. They also allow riders to arrive at work sweat-free while also promoting a healthier planet and person. So, e-bikes also are eco-friendly rides for the urban lifestyle. Consumers all around the world are seriously starting to demand electric bikes, and VanMoof answers the need.

The Electrified X2, available in black or white, can accommodate riders as small as 5 feet (155 cm) or as tall as 6 feet 5 inches (200 cm). The compact X-frame design, popular in Asia, also features 24-inch wheels instead of the larger 28-inch ones found on most city bikes. 

A non-removable 504 Wh battery is housed in the down tube and can be removed by any bike shop when it needs replacing. The 250 W motor is housed in the front-wheel hub, producing a max speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph) for European riders, or 32 km/h (22 mph) for the US.

Although the battery’s not removable, the X2 easily fits through doors or into an elevator where it can be charged inside. The X2 is surprisingly heavy at nearly 42 pounds (19 kg), and it features a two-speed automatic transmission.

The X2, like another VanMoof’s wunderkind, Electrified S2, comes with a big package of gadgety tech. Worth mentioning is the display, 166 LEDs seamlessly integrated right into the aluminum of the top tube. It shows the bike’s battery level, speed, and other useful data, in addition to whether it’s locked or not. The X2 also features a built-in “Stealth Lock” – a locking pin that you kick to secure the rear wheel and arm the theft defense system.

It’s worth the price because it’s not only the great e-ride, but you’re driving the very future.

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