This is not just a mobile phone. It is The Caviar iPhone! What are the most expensive and absolute luxury gadgets in the men’s world? The watches, of course. And the class of Grand Complications watches is the absolute elite of the watch world with only one rule: the more complicated, the better. Caviar decided to borrow this principle and transfer it to the dimension of the world of modern smartphones and literally “complicated” iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max with a watch mechanism.

It’s expensive, it’s unique. When you buy Caviar, you have a modern high-end technology smartphone and also a precise skeleton watch that glamorously complements the grandiose panel of decorative gears covered with gold on the back side of the phone. What can say more about the business and luxury class than a combination of black and gold? The design of the Caviar will perfectly fit into your noble and moderate lifestyle.

Impressive! The Russian company Caviar is famous for its premium iPhone redesigns. The new Caviar iPhone XS/XS Max is the part of the company’s new Grand Complications Skeleton lineup. It comes in Pink Gold, Titanium and Black & Gold. The products are made of real titanium and gold, the body is engraved with decorative gears of polished titanium or gold, depending on the model while the skeleton watch carries a transparent face that lets you peek inside the clockwork mechanism.

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