Are you planning any music festivals this summer, celebrations next to water? Maybe you will go camping, hiking or a small or big adventure closer to nature? We believe you also love spending some quality time outdoors with friends and family, so we are sure you’ll love a Tammock or a hammock and a tent, two in one. Relax on the beach, in the woods or just lie in it in your garden, and see how beautiful life truly is!

To be honest, traditional hammocks are limited to where you can use them. This problem is solved now because you don’t need trees to use the Tammock. This hammock/tent is a portable solution that would allow outdoor adventurists to use their hammocks anywhere in the world. Whether it be a desert, beach, balcony, music festival, bedroom, or a backyard.

To avoid bugs, unwelcome animals, unpredictable weather and no place for storage, the LIT Outdoors put a protective tent around this relaxing hammock. You can enjoy the comfortable sway of a hammock, and this free-standing tent sets up in just minutes & packs away even faster if you just want to hang your hammock out in the open.

Who are the creators?
LIT Outdoors started in 2016 when Daniel Goldfinger (Geography) & Nick Bierwolf (Mechanical Engineering) met as students at the University of Utah. Both had a passion for hammocks and designing functional outdoor products that could be used around the world in different settings.
As development progressed, so did need for additional collaborators. And so, in 2017-18, LIT Outdoors added wordsmith, Abraham Tinklepaugh as Creative Director, and Riley Hughes to work on Design & Development, one of the first students in the Utah State University Outdoor Product Design program.
The company’s purpose is to create a community around love for the environment that strengthens human connection to nature and brings people closer.

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