Spansive Source Charging DockAt last, one device to charge them all! The Source from Spansive charges up to 6 devices, including phones, wearables, e-readers, tablets, and game controllers, – four wirelessly with integrated Qi and two by USB. The if they have cases, it’s no problem ’cause The Source will charge right through those! This charging dock has a smooth, streamlined design, available in charcoal or white, and it will blend nicely into your workplace or living space.

If you have a big family or friends, all happen to be in one place, or you have a wide range of different devices and you don’t want to think about different places to charge them in, then this is a great solution for you! The PowerField technology allows you to place your device anywhere on the Source’s surface to receive a full charge.

Compatible with leading Qi-enabled phones from Apple and Samsung, the Source can even charge phones with the thickest cases and PopSockets on them, so everyone feels powerful.

Juice up your devices with no unnecessary problems!

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