It’s time to get rid of all the different kind of remotes in your home and get just one. Smart Remote from Sevenhugs helps you to stop managing complicated remotes and so many apps and simplify the way you control your TV and home. This will be the only remote control you’ll ever need.

Smart Remote is a highly advanced remote control for smart home and entertainment devices. When you point it at any device, it automatically displays the right controls via an adaptive touchscreen interface. This enables you to operate any device in an instant. Smart Remote also enables the control of several devices simultaneously with a single command, like turning on the entertainment center or switching to the correct inputs. The highly intelligent menu concept of the Smart Remote implies a considerable simplification for the user in high-tech daily life.

One remote
Smart Remote works for TVs & projectors, media players, cable & satellite boxes, A/V devices, game consoles, lights, speakers, and thermostats. You can do several things with a single press: turn on your TV and media player, switch AV inputs, dim lights, and more. Smart Remote makes it easy for anyone to take control. No complicated remotes. No apps to launch.

1. Install Room Sensors. Place three sensors in the primary room you want to use Smart Remote.
2. Add devices & services. Use the Smart Remote app to add everything you want to control.
3. Locate & control them. Set the location you want to point at to control each device.

Relax and enjoy your smart home!

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