In other words – it’s an OLED screen behind your eyes when you dive. The Galileo HUD Dive Computer from ScubaPro is a hands-free easily mountable device, offering up to 20 hours of dive time per charge, and tilts up and out of the way when it’s not needed.

The Galileo diving device is an innovative mask-mounted computer designed to keep you fully immersed in your dive, so you can experience more freedom. Featuring a virtual, floating heads-up display that uses precision near-eye optics, it keeps your essential dive information right in front of you. Using the intuitive push-wheel knob, you can quickly navigate the customizable menu without having to look away, and the screen conveniently tilts up and out of the way before or after a dive, or any time you don’t need it.

Maximum operating depth for ScubaPro’s Galileo is 394 ft/120 m for reliable dive computing regardless of diving situation. It has a huge 2GB memory: the device stores 10,000 hours of dive profiles. Pick your dive mode for your diving purpose: SCUBA, Gauge, Apnea & CCR.

With the Galileo HUD, your dive data’s never looked so good!

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