Now available in the US! A tracker for your activities Galaxy Fit from Samsung. With just a quick turn of the wrist, it’s all there in high-resolution on Full-Color AMOLED display. The design of the device serves the purpose to get you up and move. Thanks to Galaxy Fit’s durable and light materials you won’t feel it on your arm.

Galaxy Fit keeps up with military-level durability standards and is water resistant. You can take your workout outside without having to worry about dust or rain getting in the way. As we know, it all starts with your heart. This smart device tracks your heart rate even when it’s not on your mind. It sends you an alert to bring it to your attention if your heart
rate rises above a pre-defined level while resting. Galaxy Fit keeps you informed by allowing you to reply instantly with preset messages for incoming texts.  

The Galaxy Fit is available in two colors, black or silver, and features a 120mAh battery; 2MB of RAM; 32MB of storage; and pairs with phones over Bluetooth. It can track up to 90 exercises, including 6 that it can automatically detect, like walking, running, elliptical, cycling, rowing, and dynamic workouts. It’ll also track sleep and other health goals through Samsung’s Health app and should last up to a week on a single charge.

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