It’s not just coffee roasting, this is serious business, demanding the highest quality in each step. The Roest is a design award winner, the small-scale roaster. It has a 100 g capacity and is controlled via touch screen and a single dial, making it incredibly easy to roast your own beans. A hybrid of a drum and fluid bed roaster, Roest is mobile, Wi-Fi connected, and features smart software that saves your data for future use, whether you roast automatic or manual.

What kind of coffee would you like, please?
With an increasing demand for specialty coffee, revealing the best flavors of the season has never been as crucial as today. Roest Sample Roaster is designed together with leading coffee professionals to reduce the workload from sample roasting. With Roest you can be up to 3 times more efficient, saving valuable time with increased quality. A user-friendly design combined with smart software makes it easier than ever to fully develop each coffee.

* save valuable time with the world’s most efficient sample roaster
* champion approved
* manual control for experimenting
* ideal for a learning environment
* digital automated precision roasting
* portable
* 50-120 g capacity
* optional ventilation hose
* electric powered
* dual fans with integrated cyclone
* drum roasting
* Wifi connected

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