The Nua Electrica is a fast and technologically advanced commuter bike. The philosophy behind it is to express ourselves using cutting-edge technology to create the “Nua of the future”. That means you’re getting an incredibly light, perfectly integrated and totally silent complete electrical bike.

It can be pedaled like a normal bike as it weighs less than 13 kg depending on your configuration, and that’s less than most of the non-electric bikes in the market. The beauty of this extremely simple concept lies in pairing a Zehus motor battery combo and a maintenance-free Gates belt drive. For a feeling of total freedom while cruising the city at light speed, the Zehus does not require a handlebar display computer – unless you wish to connect your smartphone for ultimate control – and has a wide range of autonomy (30 km in Turbo fully assisted mode or an infinite range using the exclusive self-charging mode that will set you free from electric plugs).

Are you ready for pure and effortless two-wheeled joy?

The secret to the clean lines and decidedly “normal bike” look of the hand-built Nua Electrica is the Zehus BIKE + system – a lightweight (6 lb.) and compact e-bicycle motor-and-battery combo that replaces a standard rear hub. It’s a 250w unit paired with a 160wh self-charging battery pack that delivers 90km of range on assist & up to 30 km on full power assist at the max speed of 15MPH. With its premium titanium frame, silent belt drive, and Ti parts from fork, stem, bars, post & beyond, the Electrica brings a fresh aesthetic to e-bike design.

Why Nua Bikes?
Nua offers custom made-to-order bicycles as the basis for your very unique and personal build. When you have configured your bike, we will design it for you in Barcelona. For those who prefer to build their own bike with their own hands, we also offer frames and framesets and advice on assembly.  You can also check out Nua’s limited editions Nua Concept Series.

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