You don’t have to lift a finger! Narwal is the first robot mop & vacuum, innovative self-cleaning technology. Narwall offers self-cleaning mop, smart mapping, and navigation, covers up to 2,150 ft2, effective mopping, cleaning strategy, fast charging, strong vacuuming, no-go zone, spot cleaning. This cleaning gadget signals the start of a new era of the fully automatic robot cleaner, where you can enjoy a truly hands-free floor cleaning experience.

While other robot mops have a small water reservoir plus a cloth that requires frequent removal for cleaning, our unique mop system features self-cleaning technology so you never have a dirty mop. The robot will wash, rinse and dry the mops automatically. The full tank of 5L can cover a sizable space up to 2,150 ft² in 3 hours. 

A wet mop will breed bacteria! Not going to happen to Narwal! The ventilation system helps to dry up the mop when the mopping is done to prevent the damp and bacterium. What makes a robot cleaner robotic is the precision of the navigation sensors. With multiple smart sensors, the robot avoids obstacles with ease and tackles tough terrain effortlessly. When it knocks into something, its bumper retracts and the sensors tell the robot to find a clear path.

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