Take with you not just a water bottle, but an infuser with fresh tea! Mosi Tea is a patent-pending, multisensory tea infuser that allows you to brew the perfect cup of tea anywhere. Whether you prefer hot or cold — brewing with Mosi takes no time, no effort, and you won’t need to carry around any messy tools. Brew and drink loose-leaf tea anywhere.

Say goodbye to broken and cracked bottles! Mosi is made from Tritan, which has the look and feel of glass, and tough enough to endure extreme temperatures and fumbling hands. Mosi Tea has a patent-pending, multisensory design. The mouthpiece shape mimics a teacup and includes tiny holes that allow you to experience “chemosensation” — meaning you can smell and taste your tea at the same time, enhancing the flavor of every sip.

* easy clean flexible sieve
* multisensory drinking cup
* flip-top convenience
* double-walled for temperature control
* food grade and BPA-free materials
* 12oz/355ml
* dishwasher safe
* shatter resistant

Why a loose-leaf tea?
Loose leaf tea produces the highest quality tea to drink. Tea bags are often made out of a lower grade tea made up of tea leaf “dust and fannings” (smaller pieces of tea). By steeping loose-leaf tea that has more surface area, you get more of the leaf’s essential oils (more flavor), while also extracting more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

How did the Mosi Tea come by?
The “Mosi” creator Paul tells, that “Mosi Tea” is an homage to the beautiful people and places where he first fell in love with great tasting loose leaf tea… Zimbabwe. It’s the home of Victoria Falls, one of the world’s seven natural wonders, and one of the most beautiful places he has ever been. The locals call it “Mosi-oa-Tunya”. Hence the name, Mosi! Although Paul was born in the United States, as a child, he grew up in Southern Africa where tea is an important part of everyday life. There was a saying… “Americans have watches; Africans have time.”  Relationships were of the utmost importance, told Paul, and when people gather, tea was always at the center. Now living in the USA, the creator of Mosi Tea still affectionately looks back at his time in Africa gathered with friends around a good cup of tea. And wherever he goes, he wants to be able to take that feeling and a good cup of tea with me. And that’s the birth of the Mosi Tea!

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