A GPS bike tracker from iTrakit fits all standard bike frames. It’s made with 12-month battery life, weighing only 95g/3.3oz. It’s easy to use and pairs with your smartphone, sending you instant tamper alerts allowing you to track the bike in real time using dual GPS and Cellular tracking.

The piece on your mind! The iTrakit urban tracker fits right into any bicycle frame. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing where your bike is all the time! Have you ever had your bike nicked in town? Don’t be helpless with this bike tracking device, which is smart, energy efficient, lightweight and affordable.

“Thieves know immediately where existing trackers are fixed. They’re in the handlebars, top-caps or seat posts. They’re obvious and can be removed with ease. We always wanted a device to be hidden in the frame.” /Claire Beaumont, Marketing Manager, Condor Cycles, iTrakit’s partner/ iTrakit fits right inside the frame so it’s impossible to see and hard to reach!

The free iTrakit App records when the bike is stolen and where it stops. In addition, you can store the frame number, a photo of the bike and its distinguishing features all of which increase your chances of retrieving your bike.

“We want a world where the rise in bike theft isn’t seen as inevitable and just accepted as a fact of urban life. A world where bike owners can fight back with smart solutions to help the police by giving them all the data they need to do their job of retrieving our stolen property.” /iTrakit, 2019/

Love your bike? Guard it with the iTrakit!

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