If you are looking for a fast and easy ride through the city, Inokim’s OX is the one you are looking for. It’s an electric scooter with an ability to ride in city and off-road, and it even has the power for uphill climbs. The patented suspension system allows both wheels to be adjusted to a high or low position.

On what and how far runs the OX? The quiet brushless 800-watt motor in the rear wheel can reach a speed of 50 km/h, while the powerful lithium-ion battery allows the OX long distance travels of up to 90 km. The dynamic design reflects the enormous performance of the OX. The design of the OX electric scooter directly reflects its high level of mobility: the powerfully crafted frame and the suspension system in the rear wheel convey dynamics and reliability.

The main goal of the Inokim is to reduce car consumption in urban environments and lead the market of personal electric mobility. The company aims to give you the best riding experience, through high-quality materials & production. The award-winning industrial designer Nimrod Sapir leads the R&D team, achieving revolutionary technical solutions and design awards. Inokim’s scooters excel in performance, with great power, range, and compatibility.

The OX has a Red Dot Award 2018.

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