General Motors Ariv Merge City E-BikeThis is an e-bike called Ariv (pronounced like “arrive” and stylized as “ARĪV”) from the largest automaker in America – General Motors (known for Chevy and Cadillac). It is made for commuters in the city who want to rediscover urban mobility: modern, stylish design meets the compact and powerful GM engine designed specifically for the Ariv e-bikes that lets you climb every hill. 

An integrated lighting system ensures greater safety and with the Ariv Bike app, you have all the important information at a glance: navigation, driving data, support level, and range.

The specifications

The Merge is a lightweight, eight-speed folding bike for people who value speed, connectivity, and groundbreaking design. It weighs 22.5 kg (almost 50-pound), it also pedals and a 250W mid-drive motor of GM’s design. The e-bike is capable of hitting the EU maximum of 25 km/h (16 mph). The Merge is equipped with removable 240Wh batteries that are good for about 64 km of “real-world” range after a full 3.5-hour charge.

Your choice

E-bikes stand for a healthier person and planet. Shut the motor off and pedal the Ariv bikes like normal if you’re looking for a workout or set them to the maximum pedal-assisted power mode in order to quickly arrive at the office without breaking a sweat. Folding bikes don’t demand a lot of space, so you can carry it and put it wherever you want to store it.

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