Five years ago all-electric racing series Formula E came out and rocked the world. And here we have it today – game-changing, second-generation electric racecar. It’s faster, lasts longer and looks great. Actually, the car was announced in 2018, but it got a superb upgrade this year.

The second-generation car (“Gen2 car”) tops out at 250kW or 335 horsepower. The new racecar peaks at 174 mph and can go from 0 to 60 mph in under 3 seconds. It’s very simple to drive, and it uses treaded tires instead of racing slicks so the driver doesn’t have to worry about warming them up to the right temperature as for Formula One car.

Formula E’s Gen2 car’s throttle works smoother, the brakes are far more forgiving and progressive than the ones on the previous car, thanks to a new brake-by-wire design. The steering is more fluid and precise. The electric racecar weighs 900 kg (1,984 pounds) and doesn’t have power steering.

The new racecar can be pushed to higher limits in the right hands!

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