The high-end audio brand Final just introduced the market with their new B-series earbuds: B1 for pop music, B2 – tuned for classical music and B3 is better for rock,  R&B & electronic. The manufacturer is well known for premium quality products with satisfying design, and B-series are no exception – they are made of chrome-coated copper aluminum and feature audiophile-quality internals.

The B1 is the flagship pair for the series, its elegant chrome copper MAKE casing holding one dynamic driver and one Balanced Armature driver. Providing a wide soundstage but a narrower dynamic range, the pair is best used for Pop music.

The B2 arrives to cover the lowest tier, holding one Balanced Armature driver inside its also-aluminum housing. This cheapest model provides a stronger balance between soundstage and dynamic range, making it the best pair of the three for classical music.

Last in line is the B3, with two Balanced Armature drivers in an identical geometric housing made with aluminum. While the B3 has a greater dynamic range than its more expensive counterpart, its soundstage is narrower than the B1, a configuration perfect for Rock, R&B or even electronic genres.