The ordinary pens are boring and usually have only one short life to serve their purpose, but what if your new pen was not only extraordinary but also defied gravity? Introducing the Hoverpen, world’s first vertically standing, gravity-defying pen. It stands in an innovative pedestal that creates a magnetic field to keep it perfectly balanced and will surely make it the most interesting item on your desk. Of course, it writes too, using refillable Cross pen ink cartridges. You can choose a matte or shiny aluminum finish.

Serene, magical and perfectly balanced
Because the buyers nowadays want more from their pen; something beautiful, with an extraordinary design, modern technologies, unique construction and reusable, to save our planet. The Hoverpen uses no batteries or electronics, just shows a pure design innovation. It will stand tall and elegant forever as an eye-catching centerpiece of your office desk at home or at work. And, thanks to the Hoverpen’s perfect balance, it spins frictionlessly with a gentle twist.

Lift up your day!
A fully magnetic cap opens up the options for trick shots and fidgeting. The Hoverpen was designed to brighten up a dull day. Every part of the pens eight precision-cut and polished components were designed with the fidgeter in mind. This special pen is made from top-grade free-flowing ink and offers an easy-glide writing experience. A premium Swiss-made ballpoint cartridge gives everyone from artists, to engineers, to financiers the dependability they need to crush the workday. Designed for quick and easy reloads, the Hoverpen may be the last pen you’ll ever buy. Compatible with any Cross brand refill ink cartridges, you won’t need to depend on any specialized retailers to get a quick refill.

Stunning like Apple
Executive design. Clean lines. Minimalism at its core. The Hoverpen’s striking design will take any desk from mundane to magnificent in a heartbeat. A sturdy body of impenetrable titanium or master-crafted aluminum means lifelong durability. The Hoverpen is finished at the same facility as Apple products – so you can count on the final product looking stunning. It’s designed to turn heads and provoke curiosity.

Dare to let it shine on your desk!

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