Do you have a smartphone? Are you interested in virtual reality? Let’s combine these two things and try the Daydream View from Google! It’s an attractive VR (virtual reality) system, powered by your mobile phone. Easy, right?

Designers of the Daydream View took the inspiration from premium furniture upholstery, and you can see it and feel it, how the headset seamlessly integrates textiles into an inviting, soft form. This VR gadget is created for an easy in and out of virtual reality experience. Users simply place a Daydream-ready phone into the headset to get started. The facepad of the Daydream View fits over most eyeglasses and therefore allows for an effortless experience of virtual reality. Pleasant textiles and uncomplicated design make it a very attractive virtual reality product.

What are the pluses?

+ You can use VR wherever you are. Swim with seals, go to Mars or experience sports and concerts like you’re actually there.
+ Explore new worlds. Make Daydream View your own personal cinema. Get in the game. Take control. Swing a golf club or wield a magic wand. The Daydream controller transforms with your imagination.
+ You can also bring everyone along for the ride. Share your Daydream experiences with friends and family! Simply stream what you’re seeing to Chromecast and others can watch along on your TV.
+ Get comfy. Enjoy your most epic adventures comfortably with Daydream View’s soft, breathable fabric and form-fitting design.
+ Easy setup. Just slide in your phone and get going.
+ There are three ways (colors) to play: Coral, Fog, Charcoal.

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