Legendary Ford Mustang came out in the 1960s and since then has been a staple of muscle car enthusiasts all over the world. In the century of speed and technology Charge gives you the masterpiece with a brand new way of moving, making Mustang electric! Enjoy luxury interior, modern high-end driving experience, and personalized digital interface.

You are right! This car is all about the performance, not the fuel economy. That’s why Charge took 499 first-generation Ford Mustangs and turned them into electric monsters with a lot of modern techs, with a 64-kilowatt-hour battery pack and 200 miles of range. The range figure will drop if you decide to send all 536 horsepower to all four wheels. Top speed is limited to 149 MPH, but it won’t take you long to get there, as 0-60 happens in just over three seconds. Charge will be debuting its Mustang at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Charge Automotive is a British company based in London. Their team has extensive experience in the development of luxury and high-performance vehicles. The company’s engineers contributed to various projects for Williams F1, McLaren Automotive, Jaguar Land Rover. Moreover, they are passionate about eternal automobile classics! Charge redefine great classic cars with advanced electric technology while preserving their iconic design. They believe in an emission-free future while giving ultimate performance to epic auto legends.

Charge works in an intensive collaboration with recognized industry leaders like an EV technology company Arrival, the world’s first AI racing platform Roborace and tire manufacturer Michelin. That brings to their products the most advanced technologies and components including motors, power electronics, battery systems, intelligent software, and stunning user interfaces.

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