Little Printer from Berg, a tiny internet-connected box that printed out small pieces of paper, stopped working when the studio and its servers shut down in 2014. Now, design consultancy firm Nord Projects has brought it back to life with a brand-new app, and it added the ability to send messages between devices.

In the beginning, there was a joyful web-connected printer. You had to use your smartphone to subscribe to over 150 different publications and Little Printer will gather them together to print a miniature newspaper at the push of a button. Little Printer also loved to receive messages and you could share your details with trusted friends to receive pictures and personal notes to keep and treasure.

Contents: 1x Little Printer & power cable, 1x Berg Cloud Bridge & power, 1x1m ethernet cable, 3x paper rolls (inc. 1 installed), and international power adapter heads. Requirements: A standard broadband router with a spare Ethernet socket 2 x power outlets (one by the router, for the Berg Cloud Bridge, and one for Little Printer).

Now, the Little Printers iOS app allows you to re-created old favorite features like poster fonts and dithergrams, while adding a few more modern touches. Then the app lets you print photos and notes via the iOS Share sheet, and it has its own API so you can connect it to IFTTT services and have it print whatever is on your RSS feed. The world goes on.

To send a message you have to create a username and device key, which is a unique URL that grants access for printers to message each other, like a phone number. You can make as many keys as you like and revoke access at any time if it finds its way to someone it wasn’t meant for. Device keys can be printed as QR codes so visitors can easily add your printer. It’s like sending someone a physical text.

With Little Printer, you can send friends a comic, a tweet, or a nice message that won’t get buried underneath all your other notifications because it’s actually real!

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