This is probably the smallest drone you have ever seen. Air Pix fits in your pocket and serves as an aerial camera, capturing full HD 1920x1080p footage @30fps and 12MP photos with autonomous flight, gesture control, and facial recognition, and tracking. With the iOS and Android app, you can share your content instantly.

Are you tired of selfies that cut off half the shot? Refuse to use a ridiculous selfie-stick? Need someone to snap a shot of you in the perfect insta-post? With Air Pix you’ll be able to get the perfect solo or group selfie every time! Plus, it’s super easy to use with the “One-Touch” app on your Apple or Android smartphone! Just pull it out of your pocket, let it fly and frame, take the perfect selfie and instantly share it on social media!

No more missing friends in group photos and videos misframed or mistimed self-timers or awkward selfie angles. AIR PIX gives you the perfect full frame shot quickly and easily! Take stunning aerial 12MP photos and HD videos from unique angles and share them instantly on social media! Air Pix is there for you. With one-touch autonomous flight and gesture control, you can shoot HD photos and videos quickly and easily with zero interruption.

Air Pix has SYNControl, which lets it take commands via simple gestures and movements. Fly and take HD photos or videos by just moving your hands!

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