Stay fit and healthy with Tangram’s Smart Rope PURE! Weighing only 250 g it’s ideal for home, gym or outdoor workouts. The gear you can afford right ahead.

FASTER. You probably know the heart is a center of your health, and with this gadget in use, you will help your heart to pump the blood faster for your own good. This is a brand new experience with connected cardio and the first real innovation in a generation. PURE’s unique 45-degree jump rope housing and two sets of ball bearings in each handle ensure smooth, natural motion with a lightweight, resilient rope.

STRONGER. Smart Rope uses the workout mechanics of jump rope to accurately track jumps. Magnetic sensors attached to ball bearings track full revolutions of the jump rope as complete jumps – far more accurate than a wrist tracker or generic motion sensor. It can be adjusted to your height and preferred jump stance.

SMARTER. You can use this one with or without your smartphone. PURE stores up to 100 sets of fitness workout data, and they will sync when you pair it with the Smart Gym app. That’s how you can stay motivated with interval training and by competing with friends, jump smarter with training intervals based on your fitness exercise goals, and challenge your friends to daily exercise competitions. The bonus feature – compare your results with Smart Rope athletes all around the world.

PURE works for a whole month with only 2 hours of full charging, and 45 hours with 1 hour of charging. The LED at the base of the handle will alert you when you’re paired with the Smart Gym app, and when your battery runs low.

Size: w 30 mm x h 150 mm x d 30 mm. Rope length: 300 cm.

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