With Omega’s Seamaster you can dive to the deepest point possible! The watch is certified to 15,000 meters — a depth that doesn’t even exist — with a substantial 52.5 mm case that is 28 mm thick and powered by Omega’s caliber 8912 movement. The Seamaster Planet Ocean wristwatch takes the dive watch technology to a new level and temps you to seek new adventures.

Omega has been a leader in the world of deep sea diving watches since 1932, but this new timepiece takes them further beneath the surface than ever before. The Five Deeps Expedition, the world’s first manned expedition to the deepest point in each of the five oceans, is the brainchild of a submersible pilot and adventurer Victor Vescovo: the first person to have reached both the highest and lowest points on the planet.  By the way, Vescovo recently set a new world record for the deepest dive at 10,928 meters (35,853 feet) in the Sirena Deep of the Mariana Trench, and this Seamaster was along for the ride.

The Seamaster or the “Ultra Deep” is made of forged Grade 5 titanium. Like the submersible, Omega’s creation was built to last: designed for multiple dives and not just a single shot at the world record.

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