The best-selling earphone brand on Indiegogo! Why do people love the PaMu Slide? Because of the perfect sound quality, long battery life, signal stability, and awesome comfort levels. Plus, they are not expensive! Where does PaMu Slide have its name? The smart, magnetized storage box effortlessly slides open to reveal your earphones.

In the name of the Sound
These Bluetooth 5.0 earphones proudly hold their own against the sound giants as Bose, Apple, and Sony. The chip they use in PaMu Slide is the Qualcomm QCC3020. It’s the most advanced TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earphone chip there is. Bose, Sony, and Jabra are all still using the old Qualcomm CSR86Xx, while Apple’s Airpods 2 use the H1 chip.

The best wireless earbuds give you superior sound quality whatever device you use. You will soon hear the difference with PaMu Slide, its advanced TWS chip really bringing purity to your music, letting you hear it the way the artist intended. Bass beats are deeper, soaring vocals hit new heights. These earphones really deliver an authentic and precision audio experience.

Totally wireless
What’s the point of having wireless earphones if you’re forever having to carry around a charger with wires? It’s why you get a Wireless Charging Case with your PaMu Slide earphones, so everything is wireless.

It fits YOU
Whether you’re running, jumping, climbing, whatever, the ergonomic design of PaMu Slide earphones means they give you lasting comfort and never fall out. How can it be? This product is adaptable enough to fit your ears. That’s why PaMu earphones offer 6 different sizes of ear tips: S, S+, M, M+, L, and L+.

Auto-pairing and charging
The PaMu Slide automatically pairs up with your devices, so there’s no hassle trying to configure the settings. Just a single charge of your PaMu Slide wireless earphones can give you over 10 hours of playtime. And with the portable charging case delivering 5 full recharges, that’s up to 60 hours of music, enough to last you a long weekend. A full charge will also give you an impressive 10 hours of hands-free voice calling. And a full charge also gives you over 1 month of standby time.

PaMu Slide works in any kind of weather! They have an IPX6 Water Resistance rating – no rain, water or sweat can penetrate the sensitive components in your earphones. Safe to listen!

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