Never again break your sunglasses! Protect yourself from the sun and protect the planet! These are excellent reasons to look at these beautiful eco-friendly Avalon sunglasses for men and women. They combine fashion, function, and sustainability, but you have to be fast, – as the Kickstarter project it doesn’t last long. Grab it while you can!

What a great price!
Avalon comes out as a high-quality product with an amazing design, made with the best low-polluting materials. Definitely, Avalon are the best sunglasses you will ever find at an accessible price point. 

Nowadays, 90% of the sunglasses industry is monopolized by 3 main multinational companies. Therefore they have complete control of pricing and take advantage of the situation, making sunglasses a luxury product. However, things are starting to change. Thanks to brands like Avalon, that are offering identical quality products at a groundbreaking accessible price point. The company of Avalon produces, distributes and sells on their own. This allows them to reduce the costs that come with working with intermediaries and do things their own way.  

Which one to choose?
Avalon offers sunglasses in four different styles: Arizona, Denver, Kendall, and Tampa. All of them are produced in the best high-quality recycled materials. Each one of them comes in 4 different colorways and we have to warn you: Choosing only one is not an easy task!

Eco-friendly and unbreakable
Frames are made from Italian high resistance recycled polycarbonate, an ultra-lightweight material that is extremely tough and flexible at the same time, and offers resistance to impact and high temperatures. Lenses, on the other hand, are produced in German TAC, also known as Cellulose Triacetate. They are polarised, category 3 UV400, and will protect you against 100% of the sun’s UV rays. Using the best filters in the market was a crucial matter for Avalon. Avalon offers a lifetime warranty for all sunglasses.

Avalon sunglasses come in packaging that also is recyclable. Avalon uses rPET, a material made out of used plastic bottles. Worldwide brands such as Patagonia and Timberland have been using them for years. What does that mean?
* Recycled polyester gives a second life to a material that’s not biodegradable and would otherwise end up in landfill or the ocean.
* Performance and durability, including high strength and functional versatility of recycled polyester, is the same than traditional polyester, but with a lower environmental impact.
* Producing rPET requires 59% less energy compared to virgin polyester.
* It doesn’t require new petroleum to create, lowering the demand for new petroleum extraction and reducing our overall carbon footprint as it creates 75% less CO2 emissions than virgin polyester.
* This means that for each pair of sunglasses we produce, we will be recycling 1 plastic bottle, and therefore avoiding that they end up in landfills or the ocean.

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