The time is probably the most precious thing here on Planet Earth. That’s why we have to treasure it, and we also need a watch that won’t let us down. Under any circumstances. Notice this Swiss survival wristwatch
I.N.O.X. Carbon Limited Edition, the Victorinox’s most advanced watch in their destruction-proof I.N.O.X. lineup.

In development, the 43 mm analog withstood 130 homologation tests—extreme endurance tests, all of which it aced. So it’s ready for duty. The carbon case is virtually indestructible. The yellow strap is made of the same leather as firefighter boots and the case is crafted from a carbon composite that protects space shuttles from the highest reentry temperatures.

Combine this with the firefighter “chevron” that’s featured on the red and yellow strips on the second hand and add the powerful Rescue Tool to the package, and you have the epitome of heroism, strength, and protection in one watch. This edition comes in a special packaging: a Pelican case that includes a Rescue Tool & an additional black leather strap.

Key features
* Withstands up to 130 extreme endurance homologation tests.
* With a unique space-tested carbon case highly resistant to scratches, a special edition Rescue Tool and an innovative handwoven survival paracord strap dyed in neon yellow, which combined with reflective parts offer high visibility.
* Limited edition of 1200 numbered pieces, delivered in exclusive packaging containing an additional black leather strap (made from the same leather as firefighter boots), a paracord key ring and a red bumper.

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