The Nokia 9 is a beautiful smartphone with a symmetrical design. It has 5 (!) cameras working simultaneously on every shot, fast and clean software and great haptics. Five 12 MP cameras collect up to 10 times more light than a single smartphone camera color sensor. The result is a vivid detail and realistic colors in each photo you take. If you are a photography enthusiast who wants to do advanced editing, it’s a catch!

Finnish company HMD Global, owners of the Nokia brand, launched the Nokia 9 PureView at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) trade show in Barcelona, end of February 2019. Loaded with Android 9 Pie, this smartphone is as efficient as it is powerful

Art is a process of refinement, removing all that is unwanted until you are left with something pure, yet powerful, like Nokia 9 PureView. It’s a pleasure for your senses. The Nokia 9 features a 5.99” edge-to-edge pOLED QHD display with 2K resolution. With PureDisplay technology, you’ll experience accurate colors and improved sunlight readability.  

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