The technologies are making more and more room in our lives, but the call of nature still is loud, and people love to return to something natural or at least add it to their lives. The same thing applies to our home, the place where mostly we spend our quality time, and German manufacturer
Tischlerei knows that and presents the wooden basin Cone.

You can forget the common materials we use in our bathrooms and kitchen. The Cone consists of the processed part of a tree trunk. This piece of wood is carried by a sturdy, black-lacquered steel module. The drain, also made of black steel, was integrated into the tree’s natural growth pattern, blending into the annual rings of the tree. This natural aesthetic is complemented by a practical insert that can be filled with plants.

No wonder, The Cone has a Red Dot Design Award 2018. Statement of the Jury: The Cone washbasin inspires with its high individuality and well thought-out construction, which gives space to nature also in bathroom interiors in an effective and stylish manner.