We all hate wires because they are so much and so messy. That’s why all the Tech world nowadays tries to get rid of them. This little multi-pairing gadget called GENKI gives you the freedom to use your favorite wireless Bluetooth headphones when you’re gaming on the go. It’s a smart Bluetooth 5 audio adapter with premium quality and super low latency supporting the aptX-LL codec.

The best support imagine! GENKI even allows you to pair two headphones so you can share the fun with a friend. Through the USB-C port, the creators of GENKI removed the redundant audio conversions providing gamers the best latency and audio quality. If you’ve ever experienced audio where voices don’t seem to synchronize with what you’re watching you know it can be quite distracting. This is even more important in games where your reaction to a sound can mean success and game over.

This gear is compatible with all the Bluetooth headphones out there today (and tomorrow).

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