Now we know a little bit more about upcoming Cadillac CT6-V Sedan. Arriving car is already sold out for 275 lucky ones and each Sedan comes with a special gift – the Cadillac V-Performance Academy for two days that will show each one of the new owners how to subjugate this special car. The CT6-V is a Cadillac’s view for the future.

The 4.2L Twin Turbo Blackwing V8 comes with 550 horsepower and powerful 627 lb-ft of torque, and the result is mounted turbochargers at the top of the engine to practically eliminate turbo lag. 20-inch wheels, 10-speed automatic transmission, and 19-inch brake system from Brembo.

Each Blackwing engine has created in Bowling Green, Kentucky, by a single master who leaves a signature once it’s complete. The Magnetic Ride Control adjusts vertical suspension damping within milliseconds. Strength and style in every movement. Luxury you expect.

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