Are you mesmerized about the Universe? Do you like to look into the stars and wonder about creation and eternity? Bring something from that on your desktop or bedside table! Meet DeskSpace – a handcrafted solar system – a mood light and desk accessory, consisting of the Sun and each of the nine planets. It’s interesting to even look at them, don’t you think?

The Sun has made using Golden Calcite with unique texture and clarity – this gemstone allows the light radiate into the room. All the planets also are made of polished gemstones, all sizes to scale and polished to a mirror finish. Powered by USB cable the Sun is an ideal mood lamp for bedroom or sitting room when you want to create an ambient environment or to feel the warmth in any room you’re in. Or imagine it as a gift for a sun-lover or explorer of the universe. Serves as a small but powerful decor as well.

Every planet goes on custom made CNC metal base from Aerospace grade Aluminium and comes with a letter of Authenticity with a unique serial number and a polishing cloth. DeskSpace offers S, M, and L sizes and gives you a little extra with your purchase – a booklet full of interesting and not-known facts about the Sun and our Solar System. There are images and interesting details for everyone who just loves to know more.